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Show System


The show system is concise and user-friendly. It consists of the Alpaca Show Rules, a summary of the responsibilities of the various positions and all required Show Forms which will be sent to organizing committees upon Show Sanction.

The Office of Alpaca Canada will announce each sanctioned show to the membership via email, and later send a follow-up email advising of entry deadline dates.

Show results for all sanctioned shows will be posted on the AC website.

PLEASE NOTE: During the months of September, October and November, the Alpaca Canada Show Committee will receive and give consideration to revisions to the Alpaca Canada Show System. Please forward any suggestions or ideas you have to the Alpaca Canada office either by email or by land mail at the addresses provided on this site.

Show results must be submitted to the AC office no later than 30 days.

For information about alpaca care, fibre production and more, please complete the request form.