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About Alpacas

Investment Potential

Alpacas Investment Potential

Alpacas have been called the 'World's finest Livestock investment'. In most provinces alpacas are considered livestock and as such may offer tax advantages and incentives. While your herd is growing, the value is growing in a tax deferred way. The annual harvesting of the luxurious fibre is like receiving dividends and the sale of quality breeding stock is capable of attractive returns. The consultation of an accountant is advisable to determine the Alpaca investment is working for you.

As you raise your alpacas, all expenses (i.e., food, veterinarian, supplies, computers, travel, tractors, showing, advertising, etc.), are deductible. Unlike many investments, alpacas are 100% insurable.

In many cases, financing your alpaca purchase can be done right on the farm as many alpaca breeders offer financing.

The alpaca herd grows at a limited rate, which helps to keep the supply and demand in check because:

  • Gestation periods are only eleven months to a year with single births.
  • The Registry offers fully blood-typed protection and is closed to any newly imported animals.

Adding to the overall investment picture is the fact that alpacas are inexpensive to raise, require small acreage, and are very hardy animals. Friendly and trainable yet hardy and tough, the alpaca is truly an investment you can hug. Have you ever hugged your stocks? To learn more about alpacas, visit an alpaca farm or ranch near you.

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