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Camelid Quarterly

Published quarterly. Annual subscription rate is CAN $48.00 + G/HST

Contact: Camelid Quarterly
82 Daisywood Drive, Hammonds Plains, NS
B4B 0E1
Phone/Fax: 902-406-0547

Alpacas Magazine

Published three times a year. Annual subscription rate is $30.00 per year(USD)

Contact: Alpacas Magazine
5000 Linbar Drive, Suite 297
Nashville, TN 37211
Phone: 615-834-4195

Australian Alpaca Association

This magazine is now published online only and is hosted at www.issuu.com. Issues are available at http://www.alpaca.asn.au.

Alpaca World Magazine

Published quarterly. Annual subscription rate is (approximately) $72.00 CDN

Contact: Editor, Rachel Hebditch
Tel: #44(0)1884 243 579
Email: Rachel@alpacaworldmagazine.com


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8. The Alpaca Evaluation: A Guide for Owners and Breeders, a Bonny Doon Press, LLC publication

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