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Alpaca Canada

About Alpaca Canada

About Alpaca Canada

Alpaca Canada represents the interests and evolving needs of Alpaca Canada members and promotes the development of a viable, sustainable and integrated Canadian alpaca industry.

As of 2006 Alpaca Canada is the official voice of the Alpaca industry in Canada. An Alpaca specific Division of the CLAA (Canada Llama & Alpaca Association) , "Alpaca Canada" will provide a strong nucleus from which all alpaca related industries can spring forth and flourish. Determined to represent the needs of all; members can expect support through promotion, educational opportunities and research.

The quality of Canada's alpacas is outstanding and is backed by the strength of our International registry. The momentum in the growth of our fibre industry is escalating. With our hard earned experience and the growth of our national herd, new breeders now have opportunities and support not previously available. Our vision is to unite the membership nationwide, draw on the excellence and knowledge available and continue this amazing growth in our industry. Utilizing the energy abounding among the membership at this time, we will see Canada at the helm of the International Alpaca World.

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