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Alpaca Canada

Alpaca Canada represents the interests and evolving needs of Alpaca Canada members and promotes the development of a viable, sustainable and integrated Canadian alpaca industry.

About Alpacas

Today, in Canada, alpacas are raised for their exquisite fibre, and are enjoyed for their delightful personalities as well as their sound financial returns.

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Alpaca Events

Alpaca Canada provides a calendar of upcoming sacntioned events and provides an archive of past events.

Alpaca Services

Access a directory of Alpaca industry service providers including Shearers, Fibre Processing, Fibre Retailing, Certified Fibre Classers & Sorters, Fibre Processors.

Alpaca Shop

Welcome to our members listings of alpaca products, raw fiber, yarns & rovings, and yes, of course there gorgeous alpacas.

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